Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A penny over!

Yesterday saw me trundling along to a shop, large size, begins with an A and also ends with an A. I was good, fairly, and came out with just what was needed, a touch sad that I'd spent a penny more than the intended ten pounds, however in the scheme of things not too bad. The rest of the day found me job hunting...the economic climate is such that it is no longer enough for me to do the financial side of my husbands business and keep house. Ouch! This is going to call for some serious forward planning, and on his part clearer details of which customer has had what. I don't do miracles, but have an idea that if I start work early I could theoretically still have most of the afternoon for my other commitments. A care working job would fit the bill and I'm off with my forms later to apply for a position. Care working is also a very worthwhile thing to be doing in my opinion, and quite frankly if my butt is going to have to get out of a nice warm bed with the cockerels it had better be for something that is really going to make a difference to some people.
Have fun people, J. X

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