Saturday, 12 January 2013

A lie in.

OK, so it's still not eight o'clock yet, and I've done a few things, but this morning I have had a lie in, well a sleep in to be more precise. I haven't slept that well due to agonising pains radiating down my arms every so often...think I may have over done the patio scrubbing slightly...but will I ever learn?
So what to do snow yet, but looks like we've had another dump load of we needed that sooo much.
I do need to make a couple of birthday cards to be ready for next week. We're on Eco 20/20 so youngest daughter has been told to do all her washing today...I either use the machine through the night, weekends or when it's sunny...(solar panels), lets just say that night-time and weekends have been popular choices lately and leave it at that.
Though loads to do I've been thrown slightly because I was supposed to be going to see a bride to be about her wedding stationery, but she's had to cancel, hence the what shall I do instead attitude. I'm sure housework will soon cure the feeling!
Heidi is still a scratching next to me, though I've not seen her touch her ear, so maybe looking promising. And Clover the elderly golden is lying asleep on the kitchen floor, just where the hot water pipes convenient, whereas Heidi's favourite spot is bang in front of the fridge. It takes me a good three heaves to open the door if she's sound asleep!
Enough ramblings for now. J. Xx

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