Thursday, 20 July 2017

A Week Of Storms

This past week has raced by

Hanging washing out when possible to blow in the breeze

Taking a chance, and hoping that the ominous looking clouds will not empty their contents upon it

Winning some and losing some

Listening to thunderstorms rolling in

Hearing the straight down rain and wondering if it will ever stop

Getting frustrated when work meetups don't come to fruition

Enjoying watching the world para athletics

Realising that the nights are beginning to pull in

Grieving for the loss of an Uncle

The last of his generation

And also for a local young farm worker

Killed when thrown from his tractor

It has been a week with so much going on and happening

I haven't had much opportunity to browse the usual blogs

But I'm still here

And will catch up eventually

I'm cutting myself some slack

And accepting that not everything will get done

Not everything will be perfect

The rain will batter the flowers

But that's ok

And I can't do anything about it

Blessings J. x

Thursday, 13 July 2017

When Everything Hurts

It's a real pain this joint Hypermobility Syndrome thingy

A bit of a beast really

At the moment it's being rather too unruly

I need to train it into submission

When it gets too painful I have trouble sleeping

And if I don't sleep properly I have trouble concentrating

And if I have trouble concentrating I have trouble working

And if I have trouble working I get behind

And if I get behind with work I get uptight

And if I get uptight it affects my condition

Hang on a minute

I sense a connection

So today it will be back on with the kinesiology tape

See if that helps

If not I may just abandon all notions of work and take a stroll around Rosemoor gardens

This bevy of beauties is growing in the walled vegetable garden there

Whereas our pathetic little specimens need...well I'm unsure what they need...ants have eaten through so many of them and they appear stunted

Who would think looking at ours (if I was brave enough to show you a photo) that in 1978 I actually won the tallest sunflower competition and received two small books from the wildlife trust or was it the woodland trust I can't remember

On another note

A certain fluffy beast is smelling rather 'fusty'

She sits in the shower and is not very cooperative when it comes to botty washing

So a plan has been hatched





Two people

Legs akimbo

She will protest and wriggle

But as you know ladies 'fusty butt' is not pleasant

I'll let you know how things go!

But for now

Blessings J. x


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Lost In Books

Yesterday afternoon whilst hubby was working I set off to the fete of a neighbouring village...we actually lived on its outskirts when first married

I wasn't alone

Heidi came too as there was a dog show

And she won the fluffiest dog class


There was an enormous stall selling books

Loads and loads of books

I don't need any books

I live in a modest cottage

However at four for a pound I was tempted

And parted with a whole £2!

A couple gardening books I shall pass on to people I know might be glad of them


I feel as though I have made a couple of new 'friends'

One called Farmhouse Cookery, Recipes from the Country Kitchen by Readers Digest 1981 edition

This has some very interesting facts in it...not just recipes

The other is titled Nature Diary by Janet Marsh

She wrote and illustrated this diary in 1979 when the Itchen Valley in Hampshire was earmarked for the M3 motorway extension

In fact they are so interesting I think I may just pop them by my bed for some inspirational reading

So it's up the wooden hill for me now

Blessings J. x

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Longing For

I'm longing for some steady Summer days

With blue skies

A refreshing morning dew

A soft soothing, but warm breeze

The droning sound of insects, busy about their work

Beautiful birdsong

Oh wait

We kind of had that on Sunday






A lovely picnic lunch and long walk at Simonsbath

It was amazing

Though later clouds filled the sky once more

And a chill commanded the evening

Sending us reluctantly indoors

Sometime around Lammas the sky darkens

To a deeper shade of blue

The sting goes from the sun

This becomes my favourite time

A time to fill bowls with blackberries

Of tentatively using the first windfall apples

A time of picking and preserving

Of reaping the rewards of a Summer well spent in the vegetable plot

Oohhh what things we have to look forward to

Blessings J. x


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Using All The Senses

Yesterday could be described as a 'heavy' day

I absorbed lots of other people's emotions

And quite frankly it wore me out

When I got home what I felt like doing was curling up into the foetal position and waiting for rescue


Having been given the heads up firstly from Hawthorn on here that it could be a very natural trait I have of absorbing the feelings of others and all sorts of other things I took action

Heidi point blank refused to accompany me so she was left abandoned at home

I was off

Up the road and down the lane, round the corners and on for quite a way

It wasn't a particularly restful walk

And I didn't stop to admire the beauty around me

I stepped out and gradually my breathing became less ragged

On reaching home Heidi presented me with a very sad face which I chose to ignore in favour of preparing our evening meal

Then hubby phoned to say that he was being fed where he was working and would be away all evening

Aah well

This gave me the opportunity to try again with Heidi after tea

She was reluctant at first, thinking she'd prefer to be having a trip in the car

But with a little coaxing, over the road and down the lane we went...and into the wood

This time I was absorbed in my surroundings

The evening air held the wonderful scent of honeysuckle

I stopped and took deep breaths

It was past mid evening but still we entered the wood

The only sounds were of nature

A blackbird scuttled from right in front of my feet before taking a low flight path away from us

Other birds were clearly settling themselves down for the night

I talked and touched trees

Spoke gently to the ferns

And whispered to the waters in the stream

Heidi was alert to sounds I could not hear

Whether she saw deer that frequent the bank by the stream I don't know

The recent rains have allowed for lush growth which provides good coverage

We lingered a while, me watching the flies dance just above the waters surface

And Heidi to sniff where she pleased


Back up the path we went

Me feeling much more at ease and Heidi looking very happy

I didn't want to take photos

I just wanted to use my imagination

And I often clutched the pendant that had arrived for me earlier and I had immediately worn

Of blue and green obsidian

I hope that this will absorb some of the negative energies from others that they freely and without knowing pass on to me

In fact I was so confident that it had indeed taken away some of my negative baggage that I showered without removing said pendant in order to cleanse the stones

Many times I stopped and gazed at ivy

Growing strong up the sides of trees

I could feel the invisible pull of roots through my own feet down into the earth

Until once more we were back in the lane

I know I need to repeat this experience often

For not just physical health

We have more senses than we care to understand sometimes

Last evening I felt truly alive

Not just hustling along with the masses

But being me, the real me

And fitting in with the natural world

Being a part of reality

In our modern world I feel we have to be what is expected of us

Not what we really are

Blessings J. x

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

One Last Time?

Well as our internet connection is so slow I've migrated back to Blogsy this morning in the hope it will still work!

Google photos getting to google shared photos seems to take forever and I just don't have forever to mess around

So while I'm here, here is a small selection of what I've been up to during our heatwave

Tea and cake on the patio...naughty but nice!

Not wanting to heat up the house this little beauty was brought out of hiding!
Oh yes I did...and it was lovely

First batch of elderflowers

Of course this madam came too

And finally last night at the beach in an attempt to cool down

All looks rather idyllic from the photos...what doesn't show is the crispy washing coated in bird poo...the sweaty bodies...the aching limbs...or the throbbing heads

But mostly it has been good

Alas today again I must leave the house for much of the day in order to earn money to pay the bills...big sigh...and tomorrow I need to dedicate the whole day to assessing a pile of distance learning workbooks...even bigger sigh...but at least I can be home...with the mutt...who loves to have me with her...not necessarily doing anything...but just there

So let's hope everyone is staying safe in the sun

Blessings J. x


Wednesday, 14 June 2017


This blogger thingy isn't that compatible with my iPad

As in I can't scroll completely up or down the page

I could blog from my mac

However for some reason Google photos kind of doesn't see eye to eye with that piece of equipment 

Insert sigh

Deep sigh

I'm currently investing Wordpress

But am not ditching here until I'm sure

Absolutely sure

And I believe Blogsy still works until I agree to the next update for iPad

Which I keep declining

For now

I have a home day today

Which won't all be at home

I feel another trip to the garden centre 

Hubby keeps commenting on how lovely the garden has begun to look!

Strike while the iron's hot do they not say?!

So more of this

Plus some more compost, secateurs, fresh herbs, and solar lights are on the list

It promises to be some day!!

Blessings J. x