Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The Year So Far

Blue Monday turned out not so at all

Since New Year I have been trying to find out when our cottage was built

I can date it approximately

But an exact date would be nicer

I got to wondering

What happened to my fathers parents place

Dating from the medieval period

Dad had bought it as 3 Cottages

His parents lived in the far one

And a couple with two children and I believe her parents

Lived in the first 2

At the time he didn't know of the buildings history

It is now grade 2 listed


This internet thingy led me to an artist who lives

In the first 2 Cottages

Though I didn't know which when I emailed her

And guess what

She's invited me round on Friday afternoon

What was my grandparents cottage is empty

And is soon going to be sold

Happy happy dance

I'm getting to look around

I know it has been extended

Well there was no bathroom

I've been in contact last evening with one of my sisters

Who has the most old photos

The lady would love to find out about the land and people who lived there

My uncle and his wife had the farm down the lane

And then built a bungalow just a little way from the Cottages

I have not been there for nearly 40 years

Having never known my mothers parents

And having lost my other grandparents when I was still very young

I want to feel a connection to the cottage

Gran was born in Marazion in Cornwall

She trained as a nurse

Her parents came up to Woolsery to be Head master and school m'am

And there she met Grandad

They married in 1909

Had 8 children

Survived 2 world wars

Lived through electricity and television coming into their lives

Though she always cooked on a range

And had an oil lamp

I have desperately tried to find out more of the history

Of food rationing

But it is so blurred in some respects

I dearly wanted to recreate

What my ancestors had lived through

Dad wanted me to write

About it

Though on his death bed

I never understood what it was supposed to be

Will this reconnecting to the past

Spur me on to try again

I don't know

But do I have my grandmothers eyes?

This was probably their golden wedding in 1969

I would have been 2 years old

I am beyond excited

Blessings J. x


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Welcome Little Hamish McWotsit

Let me introduce you to

Hamish McWotsit

Isn't he cute

I won him from Ali

At Less Equals More

Thank you Ali

He is already much loved

I think he could be destined for many adventures!

Blessings J. x


Ye Olde Backside!

As in I need to get off of mine

And catch-up on paid work

I dreamt about some of my learners last night

The ones whose finish date is drawing very near

I have had my few days off

And with new carpet laid again yesterday

Am ready to have a momentous assessing session

My office desk has been filled with shifting stuff around clutter

So it will be the living room

Whilst Tales a From The Green Valley

Is playing from YouTube via the TV

This is a regular thing for me

When I need to concentrate

And have had my fill of music

I just want some friendly background voices

I have watched this series many times

And was reminded on Sue's blog yesterday

Anything that makes work more pleasurable

I am quite green with envy at how a Sheila has tidied away all her fabrics

And would love to experience Yarrows

Laid back French Christmas

Though Jules has some stunning snow topped

Mountain views

Later when I'm finished working for the day

I may introduce you to a little something

Who arrived in the post yesterday

He's only small

But full of character

And was sent to me

By Ali from less equals more

But fo now

Blessings J. x

Monday, 8 January 2018

Getting Ready To Plough

Quite frankly I'd like nothing better

Than to close the curtains

And be laying on the sofa

Underneath a wool blanket

And clutching a hot water bottle

But that cannot happen


As in times of old

Today is Plough Monday

And just happens to be

The day I return to paid work

After the Winter Festivities

Nursing a virus of some sort

I've elected to meet my learner

Away from the nursing home he works in

But meet I must

Funding and such things

I do not understand

But must obey


Hubby did indeed return to the homestead

Chilled to the core last evening

After a charity tractor run

I hope he doesn't suffer

From his adventures later


The skies are a pure grey

The trees are swaying

The ground looks cold

The word RAW springs to mind

I must remember to sprinkle

Fresh bird food around the garden


Heidi did get out for a run yesterday

She loves to follow me up the hill

I drive slowly

In a deserted lane

Far away from too much civilisation

It's not as good as a woodland walk together

But better than nothing

And keeps her heart healthier

Than pretending to be

A fireside rug


Well I really must prepare

To meet my learner

Files and bits of paper

Need sorting


Blessings J. x

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Home Alone

It's Sunday morning

And I'm home alone

Hubby has gone on a tractor run

Atop Nellie

So he's going to be cold!

I've been feeling decidedly 'out of sorts' all week

But just couldn't put my finger on it

But now

With no energy

A sore throat

And headache

I think I've worked it out

I had a flu jab

So hopefully that will save me from the worst

But all I really want to do is sleep

Not do my time sheet

Or prepare to meet a learner tomorrow

Or enter all the details from hubby's daily diary

Just rest and recuperate

I see through our front windows

That a keen North Easterly wind is blowing

The sun has retreated

And I can guess how raw it feels

Heidi is playing let me in let me out

Why don't we go to the woods

I am in no mood for such games

She is slightly confused

By the addition of a guard

Separating the living and kitchen area

That arrived yesterday

The replacement carpet is coming on Tuesday

And I really can't have muddy wet Newfoundland dog all over it

Sometimes two of them

Fresh from a lovely adventure

The carpet is wool

And takes some washing and drying

No NO N O!

She currently has her bottom up against Bessie

And her head resting on a soft blanket

She's not that hard done by!

This is where she would rather be

And whilst I have every sympathy for her

In my heart I know I must rest

I know where there is a very large beefy chew

Just right for such a day as this

Hopefully that will absorb some of her energies

And make her happy again

I'm off to find some ibuprofen

Then the chew

Then tackle lighting the woodburner

Thank you for your heart warming comments after my last post

It's good to know I'm not alone in my thoughts and feelings

At Halloween I feel the need to start cosying up

Including blankets

Real fires


Greenery garlands

At Winter Solstice I honour the tree

And remember years gone by and

People no longer on Earth as I decorate it

I enjoy time with family

Enjoy feeding everyone

Having fun

And making memories

After the modern New Year

The tree has done it's part

And is cut up and stored to dry for fire lighting

But the greenery

And pretty lights


And real fires


There is much Winter still to come

And I will not bow to the religion of consumerism

Not even for a white creme egg

Blessings J. x


Thursday, 4 January 2018


I don't feel sick as such

But feel a sort of melancholy

Whatever has consumerism done to our Christmas

Before the wonderful event

Every third word on the TV and radio was the word Christmas

Songs, articles, where the turkeys lived


Then the first day of our 12 days of celebrating arrived

No TV for us so I couldn't comment

But after this momentous day

No mention

No festive music


Hang on a minute

I feel cheated by those adverts

That claimed they wanted us to have a wonderful Christmas

You didn't care

You just wanted our money

Please give us back our Christmas

Or Yule

I want 12 days of fun

And frivolity


I'm more leaning towards Yule anyway

But this over selling of Christmas is really getting to me

If you love us at least have the good grace to celebrate with us to the end

Even I took our tree down on 2nd January

I usually hang on to the bitter end

But it goes up for Winter Solstice

So really our 12 days begin then

Has Christmas become a farce?

Many 'do' Advent rather than the season itself

I wish I could shut off from the outside world fron Halloween onwards

And make Christmas come alive again

Surely I can't be the only one?


New Years Day hubby and I took Heidi down to the woods

It was lovely to come home to a warm cottage for lunch

At dusk we made our way with eldest and her hubby to Clovelly

To admire the Christmas lights


We walked from top to bottom

Sought liquid refreshments at the pub

Then tackled the long climb back up the hill

Stopping many times to admire the 'Wolf Moon'

Sadly many lights were not on

Obviously Christmas had come and gone

I'm beginning to feel like Scrooge

I know we can choose to do our own thing as we wish

And just wish I could avoid the oversell before the event

Blessings J. x


Friday, 29 December 2017

The Time In-Between

The time has come once more

For quiet contemplation

Upon dark days

And even darker nights

Of hunkering down by the fire


Those who have gone before

And maybe

Dreaming of those yet to come

For soaking up the beauty

We have brought into our homes




Burning off some of the excess

Before returning once more

To relax

And to make plans

For the year ahead

In our case the side extension

So the pantry cupboard will no longer dominate the kitchen

And hubby can wash his hands

Before coming into the heart of the home

I trust you are all enjoying the festive season

I have been dropping in to read your blogs

But haven't been commenting

Our house has been a constant hive of comings and goings

There have been many mouths to feed

But I wish each of you well

Blessings J. x