Saturday, 24 March 2018

Needing Some Downtime

I'll readily admit

To feeling rather frazzled just now

It has been a very busy week

Well busy and stressful

The company I work for

Has had an Ofsted inspection

And I had a surprise visit on Thursday

How come I lose the ability to even talk properly

When being watched

Well it felt like that anyway

We didn't even go to the pub last night

I slumbered on the floor

In front of the fire

There are other issues for me

Too at the moment

A visit to the Dr. on Wednesday

Has resulted in a booked hospital appointment

For next Wednesday

I have a red flag symptom

Though we think we know the reason

Which is troublesome

Rather than sinister

But will probably require surgery

Hey ho

Such is life

I suppose

Hubby has spent this afternoon

Digging his vegetable plot

I'm expecting a very tired boy

To nod off in his chair later!

I have just set a pan of stew

To boil on the Aga

The fire is at last

Beginning to look lively

Earlier it just

Had no guts

As my Mother used to say

And she was right

Sometimes many logs will burn

But not lay down a foundation

For the next layer of fuel

The clocks go forward tonight

Suggesting Spring

But the air feels chill

And dank

Soon though

The lengthening days

Hopefully will bring

Endless days

Full of buzzing insects

Singing birds

Playing children

And for us

Probably burnt barbecues

If hubby has much to do with it!

Blessings J. x

Monday, 19 March 2018

Nothing Like A Spring Wedding

Oh my goodness

I wore a woolen tartan blanket

To a wedding!

I'd picked our buttonhole flowers

When the sky was laden with snow

It began to snow


Hungry visitors arrived

And it snowed

And snowed some more!

It was bitterly cold

I really wish I had smuggled

A hot water bottle

Into the church


But we had a lovely day
The bridesmaids wore blue
The bride wore strapless
It was beautiful
Freezing cold
But beautiful
Today I have luckily been working from home
But tomorrow have to travel
Across the border!
Hubby has just left
For a game of skittles
I can do as I please
The television is off
The fire is my companion
And entertainment
I really should do a row or two of knitting
Though bed seems rather an inviting prospect
A cup of tea appeals
Call it cosy
Or hygge
It is what I need
Right now
Out of the chill
Unlike this little fellow

I made him today

Here is who I modelled him on!
Except I forget about giving him paws
Never mind
Anyway I really must do something
Blessings J. x


Friday, 16 March 2018

Around The Home


Outside the rain pours

But inside

We are toasty warm

I am cooking tea on Bessie

Bacon, chips, eggs and beans

A thank you to hubby

Who has fixed up the shelf above Bessie

If I was being fussy

Which I'm not

I might point out it's slightly off centre

But I dare not!

It is up

And for that I am grateful

We are listening to the weather forecast with interest

Snow is predicted for us tomorrow

And we have a wedding to attend

Could be interesting

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Blessings J. x


Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Shutting Out The Pain

Rewind a few generations

And the main aim of people

Was survival

For themselves and their family

Food was probably their main expense

News travelled slowly

What was happening in other parts of the world

Well months could pass

Before people got to hear of it if at all

Now I feel

We are bombarded

With not only our own woes

But everyone else's as well

I don't think evolution has caught up

With our digital age

I can well understand

Why depression rates

Are through the roof

For anyone remotely empathetic

Being constantly surrounded

By the unpleasantness affecting others

The weight of the world

Surely does seem to rest on their shoulders

Electricity is ultimately what makes our brains function

And we are diverting our senses with radio signals

Wi-fi, TV, phones

It's exhausting

Our world is never quiet

The hum of the refrigerator

The boiler cutting in

Water circulating around pipes

I almost love having a power cut

The snackle of a fire

The howl of the wind

The songs of birds

The cry of a fox

The tinkling of a stream

None of these ever

Get on my nerves

I am someone

Who gets very statically charged

From artificial fibres

Especially in frosty weather

Have you ever noticed

That logs spark more

When it's frosty?

I do not know what the answer is

After all

We cannot turn back the clock

But maybe it is time

We started to

Tread a little lighter

Upon our planet

We all call home


We are attending the wedding of

A friends daughter at the weekend

And are beginning to wonder

Whether we'll be getting a little more of

The white stuff

Thank heavens for thermal undies!

Blessings J. x


Monday, 12 March 2018

I Did It

On Saturday morning

I took an unsigned copy

Of the letter I had draughted

To my neighbour

I wanted to explain each section to her

And point out that

When I come home

To find a van on our drive blocking all 3 of our parking spaces

With 2 blokes climbing over my side wall

I get scared

Her answer

Oh yes...

I thought you would be out for longer

What she does have

As far as we are concerned

From studying the deeds

Is a right to pass and repass on foot only

And only for the purpose of drawing water

From the pump

Situated on the property of our other neighbour

The pump which has been disused for over 50 years

And in 1993 they erected a wall between us and them

Earlier this year she wanted to sell her house

Because she doesn't have rear access

Now she thinks she can just do what she likes on our property

When she likes

And invite who she likes

Use our drive

But then when questioned

She said that she would but a padlock on the gates

If it was her


Apparently there was one

Until the property was empty

I wonder where that went then!

She kept saying

When it was empty

But then admitted

That one day someone was in the kitchen

And caught her

So why is she presuming

She also told me one day

When she saw me feeding the birds

That she doesn't feed the birds

Cos of the rats

Rather news to me

As from our upstairs window

I have seen her adding food to her bird table

Perhaps she has a twin hiding!

She's also admitted

To having deliveries of coal

Across our property

When we aren't there

These charming visitors

Rarely shut the gate

So when I come home and let Heidi out

She could easily escape onto the main road

Silent screams emitting!!

I had been blaming hubby

Now I know the creepy truth

I've done this

But genuinely don't want to have any bad feeling

But I feel used


And a creepy feeling

Knowing that strangers

Come into our garden

When we're not home

I can understand that originally

She could have been confused

As the deeds were amended

In 1989

With reference to a conveyance in 1972

Changing the right from access via B to A and vice versa

To for the purpose of drawing water only

And only for the occupier

Give me strength


Because to top it all

Offsted are visiting

The company I work for

Today and tomorrow

Blessings J. x

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Getting It Off Ones Chest


Let's rewind to a time

October 2015 when out in the garden

With the estate agent

He told us that the adjoining cottage

Had an access right down the side and across the back

Through the gate on our patio leading to them

It kind of made sense

As the village pump was to the other side of us

I didn't take much notice of the deeds

As it was daughter and her caveman actually doing the purchasing


When we dug out our patio

Hubby insisted on putting a slope instead of a step

To the gate

Helpful neighbours!

This slope is a pain

As I can't balance my steps

To get to the back of the flower bed

And my knee always swells

Standing sideways on the darn thing

It will soon become a step!

Their oil man has been

And being helpful neighbours we suggested for ease

He go up the garden

And pop his hose over the hedge

Where the oil tanks both are situated

We offered a new gate in that place which was agreed

But then she changed her mind as she still needed to get her logs and coal in

But then other people started telling us

That there was no access

There USED to be access to the village pump

Which is why the gate was there

Our property was empty for some time

And in that time they started treating it as their own

By removing the bolt and padlock from the gate our side

Actually only half of each!

Having their logs and coal delivered on our driveway

Cutting down various trees in our garden

Having the oil man deliver from our property instead of the other side


I started looking into the deeds

And guess what

There is no access for them across our property anywhere

Since 1989

And she didn't buy it until 2008/9

But she told the Estate agents there was

Anyway being assured of our position we decided to

Plan to build our side extension

Believe me it cannot come soon enough

I went to tell her the good news

Assuring her (as she already knew)

That there was no access

And assuring her

That we would liaise with her oil company

To allow them to come through our side porch

If necessary to deliver oil


One day last Autumn

A big van drives on our drive

I wasn't home

She comes round and asks if it's ok for her roofers to come round the back

They were already there!

Youngest said ok

A few days later

I am home

Big van drives on our drive

I go out and ask if I can help them

He says they're doing next doors roof

I say really....I had no idea

This happened a few more days

Then thankfully nothing

Oh apart from they kept leaving our gate open

When they had been

Which luckily I noticed before letting Heidi out


I came home from having my hair done

The day I was going to visit my Grandparents old cottage

And parked right across the front

Taking up all three spaces was a big van

Two men were climbing over my side wall

I needed the loo

Like you do

They just said oh do you want us to move

I hoped to have blocked them in

And said no

I was letting my dog out

They're scared of Heidi

They got out

Me thinks she's taking the proverbial

Last week

She phoned

Yes from next door

And said

My coal is coming tomorrow

And my oil is coming

Never before have we been given warning

Obviously coal comes when we're out

As this is the first delivery I've known about in over 2 years

I was desperately waiting for her to ask

If it would be alright to come around

But no

Just told

And probably only because hubby had been home all week

Oh and they left the gate open again

As did the oil man the time before

Is it me?

Should I put it all in writing

Or even bother to liaise with her oil company

This is the woman

Who kicked out her partner

But let's him come back

To clean the windows

Her car


Do the garden

Have a heart attach

Go to hospital for 5 days

Then look after her

Because she's got a cold

Yes it really happened at Christmas

I really cannot wait for the side extension to go up

Maybe I'll begin to feel safe

In my own home again

Oh and the original access

Granted to the occupier only

To pass and repass on foot

For the purpose of drawing water only

And from then on to the front of the property

It was on our other neighbours land

Is it me?

Blessings J. x

Monday, 5 March 2018

Jiggely Jig

When Saturday came

And hubby was still unwell in bed

I took the opportunity

To escape

To Bookers

OK so I beeped in with my library card

And only realised when at the till

Thank you children

For relieving me of both my cards!

In my defence the library card is orange!!

Anyway I digress

Normally not one to enjoy shopping

I relished my time away from the patient

I hunted for bargains

And spent

I spent more than our £14

Lots more


Once home I portioned up the meat

Bacon sausagemeat and chicken thighs

Into serving sized bags

It's gone into our freezer in the old pig house

And I have scheduled amounts

To be brought in each week

I also bought a case of tomato soup

Hubby was pleased's

All costed out

So having benefited from bulk buying

We will still be allowing

Food to the value of £14 per week

To fill our bellies


Well you're just going to have to take my word for it

One thing I bought was a box of 20 Muller 250 gram butter pats

They are in the freezer

And work out just over 20pence per pat cheaper than Lidl's cheapest

I also bought 8 boxes of their dishwasher tablets

Down to half price

A case of 8 boxes gave an extra discount

They didn't have a case

But I said I would have bought a case

So he put it in as such

Then looked strangely

At the strange woman

Who had logged in with her library card

And just saved herself 3 pence

I told him that of course

Every little helps!

Fast forward to today

Hubby went back to work

I had a meeting at the edge of Dartmoor

Just past Folly Gate

I had a big shock

When rounding a bend

Coming across

Half the road still full of snow

After the meeting

A learner

Then home

To hubby

Still not feeling great

When the really heavy rain had started

And the temperature plummeted

He ventured home

I do hope he's back to full strength soon

We have an extension to build

A roof to do



Off to bed soon

Blessings J. x