Thursday, 30 August 2018

Letting Go

I have come to a time in my life when I feel it only right and proper to let go of some past hurts.
Even though some of these hurts are still simmering in the background, with a grandchild imminently due I feel it is the right time to close some doors firmly.
Winters End Ramblings contains many clues to those hurts and so I have decided to end this blog in favour of a new place for my wittering.
The new title is to be
For far too much of my adult life I have been controlled by someone, or at least it feels that way.
We are now much freer from their clutch and I need to enjoy what remains of my time here on this Earth leaving behind the broken promises and shattered dreams.
Hopefully our grandchild will launch a new chapter in our lives and we will be able to enjoy them in a way we were never truly free to enjoy our own children's young lives.
The old title Winters End Ramblings referred to a place that in our imagination was to be where we would spend out our days. Lovely though the Cottage is it is not Winters End.
It is however Little Winter, and is full of love and cosiness.
We no longer imagine being at Winters End and I want to keep my love for this Cottage alive and real.
I do hope you will feel inclined to follow me to this exciting new space.
We all have hopes, we all have dreams, we all have reality.
My reality is a husband and three wonderful children. A jumbo sized doggie. A reasonable job. A cosy Cottage to live in.
See you on the other side!
Blessings J. x

Monday, 27 August 2018

And Then Summer Was Gone

Where have you gone,

Fair face of Summer

We enjoyed your presence,

But now, the mighty Atlantic is sending us

Storms, wind and rain

Beating down on us...and at us,

For here in Devon horizontal rain is common

Flowers battered, bird feeders swinging

Runner beans hanging curly,

From tattered rows

But still the tallest sunflower stands

Now at 13' and yet to flower

The Aga is on

The woodburner has been lit

Today is the last day of my holiday

Two weeks have sped by

It has been lovely

Catching up on paperwork

Though my dreams of decorating floated on by

I am once more home alone

Though the cottage will be full this evening

Roasted fayre tempts folks easily

And the promise of Mum's roasted potatoes and Yorkshire puddings

Sees our table full more oft than not

Until I need to prepare the evening meal I am making the most of my final day

Making a jigsaw

A very pleasant way of wasting time for sure

I don't feel guilty...I need to preserve my sanity somehow.

Heidi is right by me

As is most often the case

Just in case I might be tempted to leave the house,

Or not share some tasty tidbit with her

My taste in music has been emanating from the ipad

But right now the sound of silence

I'm unsure at to whether this post will upload

Our Internet connection has been practically non existent the last week or so

I have not been online much at all

No blog reading or writing

No Pinterest perusing

I think the rest has done me the world of good

I will catch up with you good folks in time

But there is no rush at the moment

Which judging by the flashing green light on our router is just as well

It has caused problems when I've needed access to our banking

And looking up prices for making out invoices

But apart from that

The quiet of a jigsaw puzzle has been a soothing therapy

I do hope you have all been able to do what you fancy

Over this holiday weekend.

Blessings J. x

Sunday, 19 August 2018

The Stirring Atlantic

(Written on Saturday)

Living in the South West we are at the mercy of the mighty Atlantic Ocean

Calm and serene at times and angry as a woman scorned at others

I'd say we're amid some mild foot stamping at the moment

Blustery showers

And with plants in full regalia it makes for some breakages

I snapped a few pictures yesterday, though the air was thick with threatening rain

And rain it did, just as I snuck back into the cottage

With my basket full of freshly picked beans

A staple food here at Little Winter right now

These two apples had fallen to the ground by this morning

Requiring a little attention

I used these as buttonholes at the recent wedding

Tumbling sweet peas

The tallest sunflower is at the top of the bean row

It stands at 12 feet tall now


We had cottage pie for tea

Telling us that the year has turned a little more

Past the salad days and onto more wholesome foods

It went down rather well even without its usual topping of cheese

Because there wasn't any

Washing is airing over the Aga

I shall soon be wanting to make thick curtains for the patio doors in the dining area

And possibly too for the extension front and back

I am happiest when able to create things

Be it knitting, sewing, baking or gardening

My soul needs to make and to do

Satisfaction only comes from hard work

Smugness comes from idleness

All week I have tackled our paperwork

I am giving myself the weekend off

The cottage needs some love and attention

And so it shall receive some...a little anyway


It is now Sunday and I find myself alone

Hubby, Caveman and Son in Law have ventured to the building site

A chimney needs taking down

This is apparently not in the remit of the builders

So I hope three happy healthy men return to share the roast chicken I'm doing for this evening

I have sent them off with a packed lunch

I am trying not to worry

It is a very tall house

Hubby is tackling it from inside the loft

Yes I am worried

But I need to concentrate on getting diesel for the car

Then picking up the groceries

Just a few bits

We are really having to stretch every penny at the moment

I wonder if I roll out a £5 it would expand into a £10

Wouldn't that be lovely!!

A very meagre shopping list will be coming with me

And unless they're practically giving something away that will be it

Luckily we are eating our vegetables from the garden

And meat mainly from the freezer


Well, venture forth and get some things done I must

Blessings J. x



Thursday, 16 August 2018

Around The New Bit

What am I like

Neglecting this space

A pitiful state of affairs!

Time and again the thought to take some pictures

Has gone through my brain

Quickly followed by something else that needs doing

So last evening

With thunderous darkening skies from our front

Which offers us views towards Dartmoor

And a weak evening sunshine to the rear

I picked up my phone and did some snapping!

A less than tidy

And even less than finished extension!

Very special side door

Above which now hangs this protector

Useful sink area and cupboards that still need painting!

Kick shoes off area

Also now dumping ground for youngest!

Drop down office desk

More work to do....sigh

But home...


Next know....

A few weeks ago

Oil coming next hubby

Oh which day

Don't know


And I gave that letter to my ex as he owns half the house



We dragged some old silage sheet in to protect the tiles

He came through but won't again

I had hung blankets over the cupboards and he came in as it wasn't finished

I hope he's told her

Apparently her oil tank is knackered

So that's where the oil smell is probably coming from!

I really don't feel inclined to have her coal and logs traipsed through my house

And no...thank you

No...I hope it didn't make a mess

Hop off Lady me thinks!


We have much to look forward to

Grand baby appears to be growing well!

Youngest and her Caveman are back to stay

Their house work is underway

I have 2 weeks off from assessing

And am tackling a little of our paperwork each day

What a mess!

The giant sunflower is still growing

It would take more than a pair of secateurs to fell it

Life continues at Little Winter

Blessings J. x


Sunday, 29 July 2018

About Time

I have no excuses for my rather sad lack of posts

Just life trundling along and being enjoyed

With a good dose of work bunged into the mix for good measure

Yesterday we had some thunderstorms

And today high winds and heavy showers


We are having an interesting harvest

I think we ate an alien life form on the left

He tasted rather good actually!

I have been a reluctant cook in the hot weather

Though we had very messy but perfectly edible pasties

I know my baking mojo will reappear

Just as my wanting to be in the garden will wane

I keep meaning to take photos of the work done to the cottage

But as yet haven't and now Heidi is blissfully asleep

So I don't wish to disrupt her


Lots is happening around these parts in the coming week

A wedding, two 80th birthdays

Plus all the usual

And getting ready for Sonshine and his girlfriend to come down

We changed our bedroom carpet last week

So everything upstairs is basically upside down

Well it was...but yesterday I made a good start

Tomorrow eldest who is on summer break

Is coming to help sort

She's strict...and getting bigger by the day!

Best get a good supply of bin bags at the ready

Hope you're all fine and dandy

And enjoying your summer

Blessings J. x


Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The Weekend

Last weekend was a biggie for me

And not because it was our anniversary

But because I traveled to London

Where I and fourteen other friends

Took part in the Walk The Night half marathon


Due to various injuries recently

I was not prepared

And I didn't honestly expect to finish

But somehow I did

I'd love to say it was a well organised event

But it really wasn't

Let's leave it at that shall we

Suffice to say between us we raised well over £3000

And that's what counts

But I'm glad we were prudent

And gave Walk The Night

The minimum sponsorship required

And the rest direct to the two charities

As we found out how much admin they were taking

Plus our entry fees


Recovery is well underway

I walked like a duck on Sunday

Yesterday not so bad

Today it's back to work

After a emergency dental appointment

Due to me swallowing half a back tooth last week

And the filling sometime during the Walk

I hope my learners will be kind to me today!

It took six hours including two rest stops to walk the miles

Supposed to be a half marathon which is 13.1

Err I think not

It was well over 14

And the full marathon course nearer to 30

Teeth gritted on the last 2 and a half miles

Which went on and on for more like 4

And took an hour and a half

Moan whinge grumble

And the bacon butties and teas promised at the end

Zilch apart from a smoothie

You lot didn't even have the lights working at the finish

We won't be partaking again

Anyway enough grumbling

Blessings J. x



Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Mystery Plants

Goodness aren't we being properly spoilt

The weather has been truly glorious

Though I do struggle in the heat

It is nice to be able to dry copious amounts of washing

We are still hard at it at Little Winter

Though officially the cottage is just a number

I may rectify that soon

Just to confuse our postman even further


We have been getting plants in the garden

The nearest I can identify them to anything is a Day Lilly

But they are numerous

And popping up everywhere

Any ideas

Perhaps they are from littered bird seed

Or a neighbours seed carried along in the wind

Or by birds

I hope they are legal

But I really haven't a clue

The long leaves are almost striped


Heidi is looking much better

Her coat is returning


Our grandchild appears to be baking nicely

It doesn't seem quite real yet

But I'm sure all that will change when he or she arrives

We still have so much to do

In preparation for youngest and her caveman to return for a few months

Beginning in August

They're house is being altered from a prefab to blocks

In order to make it mortgageable

We still need to replace our bedroom carpet

Bring home 2 dressers for our bedroom

Then I can tidy up the spare room

Then the office room

As visitors will have to camp in there

When youngest is home

I have ordered a couple of single fold out foam beds

For the office room

Sonshine will be coming home

And possibly his girlfriend too

Let's pack them in!


But today I have a long list of things to accomplish

I should like to get as much work assessed and ready to go as possible

A few learners are almost finished

Less files in the cottage has to be good!


Next stop the kettle and something to eat

Then work work work!

Blessings J. x