Sunday, 29 July 2018

About Time

I have no excuses for my rather sad lack of posts

Just life trundling along and being enjoyed

With a good dose of work bunged into the mix for good measure

Yesterday we had some thunderstorms

And today high winds and heavy showers


We are having an interesting harvest

I think we ate an alien life form on the left

He tasted rather good actually!

I have been a reluctant cook in the hot weather

Though we had very messy but perfectly edible pasties

I know my baking mojo will reappear

Just as my wanting to be in the garden will wane

I keep meaning to take photos of the work done to the cottage

But as yet haven't and now Heidi is blissfully asleep

So I don't wish to disrupt her


Lots is happening around these parts in the coming week

A wedding, two 80th birthdays

Plus all the usual

And getting ready for Sonshine and his girlfriend to come down

We changed our bedroom carpet last week

So everything upstairs is basically upside down

Well it was...but yesterday I made a good start

Tomorrow eldest who is on summer break

Is coming to help sort

She's strict...and getting bigger by the day!

Best get a good supply of bin bags at the ready

Hope you're all fine and dandy

And enjoying your summer

Blessings J. x


Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The Weekend

Last weekend was a biggie for me

And not because it was our anniversary

But because I traveled to London

Where I and fourteen other friends

Took part in the Walk The Night half marathon


Due to various injuries recently

I was not prepared

And I didn't honestly expect to finish

But somehow I did

I'd love to say it was a well organised event

But it really wasn't

Let's leave it at that shall we

Suffice to say between us we raised well over £3000

And that's what counts

But I'm glad we were prudent

And gave Walk The Night

The minimum sponsorship required

And the rest direct to the two charities

As we found out how much admin they were taking

Plus our entry fees


Recovery is well underway

I walked like a duck on Sunday

Yesterday not so bad

Today it's back to work

After a emergency dental appointment

Due to me swallowing half a back tooth last week

And the filling sometime during the Walk

I hope my learners will be kind to me today!

It took six hours including two rest stops to walk the miles

Supposed to be a half marathon which is 13.1

Err I think not

It was well over 14

And the full marathon course nearer to 30

Teeth gritted on the last 2 and a half miles

Which went on and on for more like 4

And took an hour and a half

Moan whinge grumble

And the bacon butties and teas promised at the end

Zilch apart from a smoothie

You lot didn't even have the lights working at the finish

We won't be partaking again

Anyway enough grumbling

Blessings J. x



Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Mystery Plants

Goodness aren't we being properly spoilt

The weather has been truly glorious

Though I do struggle in the heat

It is nice to be able to dry copious amounts of washing

We are still hard at it at Little Winter

Though officially the cottage is just a number

I may rectify that soon

Just to confuse our postman even further


We have been getting plants in the garden

The nearest I can identify them to anything is a Day Lilly

But they are numerous

And popping up everywhere

Any ideas

Perhaps they are from littered bird seed

Or a neighbours seed carried along in the wind

Or by birds

I hope they are legal

But I really haven't a clue

The long leaves are almost striped


Heidi is looking much better

Her coat is returning


Our grandchild appears to be baking nicely

It doesn't seem quite real yet

But I'm sure all that will change when he or she arrives

We still have so much to do

In preparation for youngest and her caveman to return for a few months

Beginning in August

They're house is being altered from a prefab to blocks

In order to make it mortgageable

We still need to replace our bedroom carpet

Bring home 2 dressers for our bedroom

Then I can tidy up the spare room

Then the office room

As visitors will have to camp in there

When youngest is home

I have ordered a couple of single fold out foam beds

For the office room

Sonshine will be coming home

And possibly his girlfriend too

Let's pack them in!


But today I have a long list of things to accomplish

I should like to get as much work assessed and ready to go as possible

A few learners are almost finished

Less files in the cottage has to be good!


Next stop the kettle and something to eat

Then work work work!

Blessings J. x


Monday, 2 July 2018

It's Not Pretty

Poor Heidi as previously mentioned

Had been to the professional groomers for a shower

She had her tummy shaved there due to too much concrete

But even after this I noticed that things just weren't right with her coat

Reluctantly I clipped some to get a better look at her thick undercoat

It was bad

And the only real solution

Get it off

Heidi was really patient

And I didn't laugh


I was too heartbroken

My naked Newfie

She is now looking much better

But I have had to keep plenty of wet towels to hand in the hot weather

A Newfie's coat is double layered

And the worst thing you can do to try and keep them cool is clip it

I hope the need never arises again

But she has been a star

And allowed to come up to our bedroom if she wanted

She did need my reassurance for a few days

She got it in bucketloads


Hedgehog prints in our concrete

Can you see them?

I have ordered some hedgehog food

Along with new bird feeders

And a veritable selection of tasty treats

Bird feeders that claim to come apart easily to be washed

I do hope so!

Anyway I have just noticed the time

And though it is supposed to be a home day

I do have some business papers to drop off

And a learner to see

So I really need to get a scoot along!

Blessings J. x


Tuesday, 26 June 2018

How Time Flies

It seems quite an expanse of time has happened since I last posted here. Life has been hectic and many layers of dust have settled at Little Winter.

So what has happened...well the extension has its roof tiles on...most of the floor tiles are down but a miscalculation means we need another boxfull. Not quite sure just how that occurred!

The old outside now inside wall has a very rough coat of plaster on it...a great improvement from the pebbledash of before. This has had a wash and first coat of paint on it.

The old dairy door is now hanging on new hinges and with a new handle and bolt in a different guise as a stable door. More painting still required.

Our large fridge freezer stopped working sometime last Tuesday night. We coped for a few days with things bobbing in cold water in the bath. On Friday I gave in and ordered a smaller fridge freezer as the engineers aren't coming until tomorrow and if parts are needed several more days will pass...if indeed it is economically repairable.

We have changed cars and now have a new to us Toyota Verso. It is slightly wider but not as long as our Astra was. I am slowly getting used to its many lights and gadgets.

I discovered that Heidi had a thick coating of concrete dust in her undercoat and reluctantly took the decision to shave her. She is still a beautiful dog...slightly strange looking but beautiful!

Slowly I am dusting the kitchen and putting things how they should be. This is not a quick job. Energy levels are low in the heat and since Sunday evening I have been suffering from an IBS flare up. Hence I'm reclining on the sun lounger in the orchard in the shade courtesy of a sheet hanging on the line to dry. Beautiful. I have recently eaten a small amount so am resting whilst digesting...hope this strategy does seem to set off when I move around too much.

We discovered that we have a hedgehog in the garden...courtesy of him or her leaving their footprints in some wet concrete! A disused cold frame will be having a change of use to make a des res for two hedgehogs later in the Summer.

In the vegetable garden the peas have started producing tender pods of succulent treats. None have found their way as far as the kitchen yet! Lettuce is still being picked from a greenhouse sowing. The runner beans are flowering well though I've yet to see any beans. A couple of onions have tried running to seed. We shall soon be picking cucumbers but the tomatoes are a long way off. I can't judge the root crops as they are hidden beneath the soil.

Maybe I'll stay here a while longer and catch up on some blog reading. I haven't done much of that lately...this good weather is far to good to miss.

Happy days everyone,

Blessings J. x


Thursday, 7 June 2018

My Home

I am gritting my teeth

Actually it feels as though I have grit between my teeth

How much dust is too much?

The oak dresser used to be a sacred place

No dapping down of lost bits

Let alone power tools!

This is going to be our new kitchen door to the extension

This door I knew many years ago

It was the dairy door on the farm where Dad worked

I would watch whilst the churns filled

And swop the pipes over to the new churn

Then call to him to fetch another

The farm was up for sale a few years ago

I instantly recognised the door

And confirmed it with the seller

Hubby kindly bought it for me

We hope to turn it into a stable type door

It has a convenient split in it

Happily it is the exact size we need

Nearly makes up for all the dust

Someone else is less than impressed with all the goings on

She doesn't know it yet

But she will be going to work with me today

Visiting a gentleman

Maybe for the last time

I hope she behaves appropriately

She will

The stripy blanket

With the oops mistakes in it

Is slowly getting re-used

And turned into

Our weather on the whole has been beautiful

A welcome change

I have turned the Aga ovens off

So cooking is slightly limited

However I may pop it on before I leave for work

So we can have oven cooked goods tonight

Well I will if I remember

Next stop is to hang out the washing

And check the greenhouse


Blessings J. x


Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Going Crazy For Crochet



I've been doing a bit of crochet

Now that I can

Sitting on the swing seat



Birds singing


Trial blanket from stash

Pleased with this cutie


Just because

And on the hook

A stripy number

Destined to be a patio blanket

A quick trip out with Heidi today

Led us here

She had a lovely paddle

And then lay down in the river

Happy mutt

The extension has had its tiles put on today

And I have just noticed

My stripy blanket has lost some stitches

It may stay stripy

Or morph into granny squares

Oh well

Practice makes perfect

Or just more work!

I do hope everyone is enjoying the lovely sunshine

I've been topping up the old

Vitamin D levels

Blessings J. x