Wednesday, 23 May 2018

More Ideas Than Time

With a grandchild on the way

I seem to have found my making mojo

Crochet is my addiction of choice at the moment

BlackSheep Wools have been handed some lots of my wages

In exchange for an array of colourful yarn

Scheepjes colour crafter to be precise

I am practicing with an old ball of yarn

A big ball I might add

As I've only just taught myself how to crochet

Apart from making eldest a dolly blanket

Sometime during the last century!

The extension...

Well you know the house that Jack built

As in twice!

Lash it and Leg it

Namely Hubby and Son in Law

Made a bit of an error

As in trusting that the neighbours path was straight

As our house wall isn't


Block work up

Frame up

Roof trusses on

Roof trusses off

Frame down

Side block work down!

Made for an interesting evening

When hubby realised their Son in Laws mistake?!

All put right now though

To be fair they've done a good job

But they are learning

Someone is coming this evening to look at the extension roof

Else it's going to have to be Lash it and Leg it I'm afraid

Eldest and Son in Law have 'sold' their house

As in it's going through the process

And have 'bought' the in need of complete renovation house

In the same vein

I only hope their mortgage valuer

Won't query the sellers instance

That he has two steels running the length of the property

That were already installed

When he removed walls

Not too much of an issue for Hubby to sort

But not good in the eyes of a mortgage assessment

We found several holes in the ceiling

But no evidence of any steel!

He had kept his lambs in one of the bedrooms last year

Can you imagine?

And yes daughter is with child!!

An unplanned free day today


And it has been lovely

Hubby requested a cake

This is what I made him


I've hung out washing

And pootled in the garden

I suffered a mild concussion a week ago

And my head still doesn't want to know about touch typing

I actually managed to bang my head three times in a week

All in different places

It is sore

And I still have headaches

Three weeks

Recovery could take three weeks

The above was written last Thursday

So what has happened since

Sadly yesterday

The house move halted

Vendor no longer selling

Tearful daughter who is with child

Upset for the house

That isn't 'loved'

And for their purchaser

Who will be let down

There is no way they can sell

And take a risk

With a baby on the way

Such is life

Lots to show and tell

But not a lot of time right now

Back soon

Blessings J. x


Sunday, 13 May 2018


As many here in blogland are

We mourn the passing of Colin

May his soul rest in peace

And may Sue find the strength to

Live in honour of his memory

Blessings J. x

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Where We're At

My goodness

Building work really is a dusty business

I'm not house proud

But even I have standards

Things are coming along apace now though

There has been much sawing banging and drilling

Lovely front door

Back to front as that's the way it's made

A sale bargain

According to hubby

Just until the oak ones are made

Which will open inwards

We also have a greenhouse type construction

Not sure this is quite finished

We have some gaps


Ventilation maybe?

See the window above in the middle photo

The greenhouse was supposed to come past that

Wifey was not happy that it didn't

Hubby was not happy that Wifey had noticed

The marriage saver

The piece of wood in the top photo

Heidi has not been forgotten

We have been having evening walks in the warmer weather




Happy girl

I have been attempting to teach myself crochet

A really dreadful photo

I have managed a scarf

And am planning a baby blanket

I've also done a round flower type coaster

Makes a change from knitting

I have not been online much

But will soon catch up with you all I'm sure

Blessings J. x


Thursday, 3 May 2018

When Life Takes Over


Missing in action

I know

Lots on at the moment

But all good

Hope to be back soon

Blessings J. x


Thursday, 26 April 2018

Frothy Blossom


With your sunshine

And chill winds

When I step around a corner

Your sharp showers

When the washing is almost dry

For your busy birds

Making homes and families

For your buds

Bursting with promise

Of flowers and fruit

For your frothy blossom

So beautiful

But then

You invariably

Blow your winds

So the blossom falls as confetti

You are a middle child

Winter is your elder sibling

You like to copy Winter sometimes

With hail and storms

Even snow

Summer is your infant sibling

You play

And show Summer how to behave

But then get bored and

Remember what Winter taught you

You can be a rascal

Messing with our plans

For outdoor pursuits

You are a weather forecasters nightmare

Changing at will

A season of extremes

Should I let on that

I'm about to peg out our bedding

Or will that tempt you to play games

You rascal

Blessings J. x

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Tingling Toes

What a weekend

A sunny Saturday

Albeit windy

A showery Sunday

And both days filled to the brim

My toes are tingling

Shoes abandoned

Fire now lit

Though more for comfort than necessity

A load of concrete is due tomorrow


The above was as far as I managed to get Sunday evening

Monday didn't bring much relief

The concrete came

Helpers were fed and watered

I popped in and out to my lady up the road

The dog had a lovely walk in the woods

I snuck in a quiet moment


All the above was well over a week ago


We have had blustery winds


And some lovely sunshine

A few swallows have returned

I counted three on Saturday

I think it was Saturday

So much is going on right now



Who is with child

And her husband

Have put their house on the market

They have seen a house they like

But it needs complete renovation

With child I tell you!

Guess where they will be camping

If necessary

I may go and hide in the shed


I've been suffering slightly

A very sore throat

At first a suspected side effect of some strong antibiotics

Now I'm not so sure

A headache and being very tired

Has been around too

Maybe I should take to alcohol

It may help

Wink wink


I'm going to climb

Up our little wooden hill

Quite soon!

Blessings J. x


Wednesday, 11 April 2018

I Wanted

I always wanted to have a family

I didn't get to choose when this happened

Nature saw to that

I always wanted a home of my own

Finally after nearly thirty years

We're on that path

I always wanted a clean house

Well children husband and pets

Clean doesn't always equal happy or healthy

I always wanted to be liked

Now I can see that bullies have their insecurities

I always wanted to put on a bit of weight

Until I reached 35 and couldn't stop putting on weight

I always wanted to write a book

Well I have been published in a few anthologies

I always wanted to be the one to do the entertaining

Now I am more choosy about who gets an invite

I always wanted a real fire

I have never been without one

I always wanted to learn

I have never stopped learning

Life should teach you something new every day

I always wanted to make things

Time is a factor in this

And working saps both physical and emotional strength

I always wanted to support my children

In ways we were never supported

I have done this in the monetary and emotional sense

I always wished for a dishwasher

But when it's just the two of us I no longer see the benefit

I always wanted to live a simple life

But admit to loving my iPad and washing machine

I always want to see the beauty in each of the seasons

Sun every day would quickly become boring

I always want to be able to communicate

Without two way communication life would be empty

I am longing for our extension

At the moment I have a hole!

I foresee lots of mud and extra mouths to feed

Hubby is hoping to get the drain moved this evening

Spring appears to have arrived

With sharp showers and the promise

Of frothy blossom

Blessings J. x